6 steps to care for your armchair

6 Steps to Care for Your Armchair!

1. Sit, nothing else!

Chairs are meant to bear static weight on the seat area, meaning no repetitive drastic change in weights. One good example of this will be to jump up and down on your chair. Jumping or any sort of activity besides sitting on your chair will obviously cause unwanted strain on the structure of the chair. So remember, no jumping, no placing extremely heavy objects, no sitting on the armrest too.

2. Find the perfect fit!

This is especially applicable to those who seek for dining chairs. Its important to be able to smoothly slide your chair underneath your dining table without scraping it against any structure of the dining table. Obviously, this is to prevent the fabric of your chair from getting spoilt.

3. No direct sunlight!

Placing your armchairs or chairs in direct sunlight and strong lighting such as halogen lights are a no-no. The heat from direct sunlight and strong lighting will change the appearance of your furniture or armchair overtime. They can become either lighter or darker, depending on the type of material used.

4. Switch it up!

Indentations on your chairs are bound to form when you sat on the same spot too often. Which is why you should switch it up from time to time. If you have 2 of the same armchairs in the living area, don’t just snuggle up to the one placed in your favourite spot, give the other one some TLC as well!

5. Uggh, cleaning.

Well, here comes the boring nitty gritty part of things. But hey, it’s a must in order to keep your armchair in good condition. Clean your armchairs regularly especially if you eat while sitting on them.

You can do this by using regular upholstery brush. If you are using a fabric type of armchair, wipe the covering with moist chamois leather and wipe it in the direction of the fibres. This will help preserve the elasticity of the fibres. For leather, just use a feather duster or dry cloth to wipe your armchair clean.

6. Oh yeah, armrests!

Armrests are always subjected to direct contact with human skin as opposed to the seat area that is usually subjected to clothes instead. Emphasis on usually, but if not, hey just do what makes you happy.

Back to our topic, sweat and creams from skin usually will land on the armrest once your hand makes contact. If your armchair has a wooden armrest, you should get it treated with a coating of oil/varnish and regularly clean it with soapy water with neutral pH.

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