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What is a club chair

What is a club chair?

The club chair is believed to have originated in France. The traditional club chair often had detailing such as buttons or studs. Today’s club chairs have evolved considerably. Nowadays the traditional style is still available, but there are also various designs on the market with something suitable for every style of home.

It is An Accent/Occasional Chair

The club chair can also be described as an occasional or accent chair – it can be incorporated into any rooms of the house. Need a chair in the bedroom but not enough space for a sofa? The club chair could be a good choice. Other locations may include the hallway, the office or even a large bathroom.

Different Styles of Club Chairs


The traditional club chair usually has a dark shade of leather and may include detailing. The seat is designed for comfort and suitable for formal yet lavish surroundings.


Perfect for a country home or even a cozy theme for your living room. Go for full grain leather upholstery, it will develop a beautiful patina over time and compliment wood panelling and wooden floors. You can also go for tartans, tweeds or other country-style fabric upholstery for that cozy and warm vibe for your home.


For the best contemporary look, choose modern upholstery fabrics. Today’s market offers an large selection with everything from muted neutral tones, glamorous crushed velvets to bright and bold patterns. For a more subtle appearance opt for neutral tones as these will blend well with existing furnishings.

For those wishing to make a statement however, a bright colour or a bold pattern is not only modern and stylish but also creates a focal point of interest and is above all, fun! Crushed velvets and other sheer fabric upholsteries create a feeling of luxury and opulence, perfect for those wishing to add some glitter to their residence

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