Everlyn Wing Back Armchair

Wingback Armchairs For Your Home

This highly functional armchair and comfort is a key feature in the design of the wingback armchair. It is designed with generous padding and fabric upholstery.

This timeless armchair has remained popular due to its numerous practical benefits and beautiful appearance it now has a well-established place in the world of interior design.

The wingback is easily recognisable by its high back and signature wing-like sides.

Everlyn Wing Back ArmchairWhere to place your wingback armchairs

The unique shape of the wingback means it can be an accent piece anywhere in the home, which may be in the living room, dining room, kitchen, office or even bedroom.

One of the most popular choices, however, is the living room – this is where people come to relax and unwind. A well-placed wingback will not only provide great comfort but can also add marks to aesthetics to any living room, as well as creating an inviting seating area.

Sofa Counterpart

Due to its generous size, the wingback is the ideal counterpart for the sofa, bringing balance and harmony to the living room.

Corner Feature

The design of the wingback makes it the perfect corner chair, offering aesthetic to any bare corner, creating the ideal reading nook to curl up and relax in.

Decor Styles

Everlyn Wing Back ArmchairTraditional

The wingback has a classic design that blends seamlessly with traditional style interiors, think long draped curtains, chandeliers and old oak dining tables – the traditional feel can be further amplified by the chosen upholstery fabric.


A wingback upholstered in stylish contemporary fabric, makes a stunning addition to the modern home.

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Fabric Upholstery

Colour and Pattern

Brightly coloured or patterned fabric is a great way to spruce up a dull space and ensure your accent piece gets the attention it deserves.


A calm and peaceful neutral colour scheme will allow the curves and form of the wingback to be appreciated.  Neutral walls ensure high-quality furniture, to be the centre of attention. The use of neutrals also highlights different textures in the interior.


Choosing textured upholstery fabric will bring interest to your chosen room, creating depth as well as a warm, well-designed space.


Place your neutral upholstery wingback chair against a colourful background, or alternatively position an upholstered chair in patterned, or bright and bold fabric against a neutral backdrop.

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Family living

For busy households with children, there are many fabrics available that have stain-resistant properties.

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