Glass Jars

The perfect addition to any living room decor, especially when paired with cozy armchairs. Thanks to Jargeous, the glass jars are crafted with care to bring elegance and functionality to your space.

2500ml Kimchi Pressed Glass Jar

RM 39.90

280ml Patricia Glass Apothecary Bottle

RM 6.90

4000ml Barrel Mason Jar

RM 52.00

1600ml Nana 2-way Glass Jar

RM 9.00

8000ml Tank Mason Jar

RM 78.00

2500ml Kingsley Tea Glass Jar

RM 21.90

190ml Halloween Clear Glass Bottle

RM 4.50

500ml Lightout Glass Bottle

RM 6.00

1080ml Patrick Glass Reagent Bottle

RM 15.90

3000ml Bull Pressed Glass Jar

RM 27.50

5000ml Jumbo Tea Glass Jar

RM 29.00

2300ml Cantaloupe Cookies Glass Jar

RM 27.50

215ml Mona Frosted Candle Cup

RM 7.50

3450ml Wheat Tea Glass Jar

RM 45.90

1500ml Alexander Candle Glass Jar

RM 7.90

2500ml Plum Pressed Glass Jar

RM 39.90

2400ml Herbs Tea Glass Jar

RM 39.90

1000ml Lynn Swing Top Glass Water Bottle

RM 7.00

300ml Mina Frosted Candle Cup

RM 8.90

700ml Boston Glass Jar

RM 4.50

1000ml Sky Swing Top Glass Water Bottle (Square Base)

RM 6.20

2000ml Don Cookies Glass Jar

RM 12.00

5000ml Giant Pressed Glass Jar

RM 36.90

1700ml Dan Cookies Glass Jar

RM 11.00