Why us

Armchair is the serotonin in every home, it may not be there majority of the time, but it is the key that stabilizes your mood, and fills you up with the feeling of happiness.

Here at Vintage.com.my, we are Into The Details of every one of our armchair – starting from the way we design them, the way we make them, and the way we match you up with a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Other than being the first and only online armchair store in Malaysia, the process of handcrafting it from start to finish is all done in our very own workshop, making it 100% Made in Malaysia. One of the reason we are affordable even with the same range of armchairs you can find locally.

After 30 years of doing upholstery, we have mastered understanding what the customers’ needs and look for. Since every home is different, every room, and so is everyone, Vintage.com.my offers a wide & varied collection that is also customizable to fit your preference.

With us, you can choose over hundreds fabrics with different texture and colours from our fabric collection. One of them being FibreGuard, a leading fabric supplier from South East Asia.

Introducing designer Steven Yau, the mastermind behind our trending designs without ignoring the core of human body structure. Making our armchair functional in giving us comfort that can also change how we feel about and experience our home.

We understand the joy that comes from a space anchored in great design, handcrafted quality and comfort, where everything just seems a perfect fit.

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Made by hand

We make everything by hand in our workshop. From sourcing the fabric material, through to cut and sew, frame construction and finishing. Everything is handcrafted with simple tools, time-honoured techniques and beautiful materials.

We believe in great design

100% of designs are our own, developed by our in-house designer team. We study designs from all over the world, brainstorming through how different design approaches can affect the way people feel and experience a product. Taking in the understanding of how modern lifestyles are changing and evolving every second.

Perfect comfort

We know every home and every space – every life – is different. And so are our clients’ tastes and preferences, which is why we highlight a wide variety of styles, seating contours, sizes and finishes. From classic and traditional, to modern and contemporary designs, we offer the perfect style and comfort of every room. And we make every armchair to order, so you can rest assured that it’s the only piece made just for you.

Choosing the perfect armchair for you

We know that choosing the right armchair is never a decision to be taken lightly. Our teams have years of combined experience, so put your trust in us to help you find your perfect fit. Before handling over, we also check the pieces from top to toe in order to get a 100% customer satisfaction. Book a free consultation by giving us a call and we’ll guide you from A to Z through the phone.