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Accent Armchairs – Choose the right one!

What are accent armchairs?

Accent armchairs are placed to amp up the aesthetics of the room. In contrary to your usual living room couch, accent armchairs can be vibrant and stand out from your usual neutral palette. You can choose a bold and distinctive chair to be your accent chair.

An accent chair with a unique design or colour can impart a more lively ambience to your otherwise monotone living room. By choosing your accent chair appropriately you can make your living room look more inviting and it might become your favourite chair in the room!

Step 1: Pick the Right Size!

This is very important, especially if you value space and want the room to look uncluttered. Always be sure to measure the available space first before you go hunting for your accent chair. Make sure that your new favourite chair doesn’t get in the way of movement. Petite sized accent chairs include slipper chair and tub chair.

Step 2: Consider the Colour and Design of course!

If you already have a beige or cream coloured sofa set, be sure to go for a more vibrant coloured accent chair to spruce things up, try a bright yellow for instance. Accent chairs are meant to draw attention anyway. Common designs for accent chairs include tub chair, armchair, slipper chair, and wingback chair.

You can choose your chair according to the amount and position of support. If you prefer sturdy and more back support, go for the wingback. If simplicity and minimalism is your thing, try the slipper and tub chairs.

Step 3: Placement of the Chair.

If the chair is intended to be used to create a space for socializing, you can consider placing your sofas and accent chair in a semicircle position. Some may also prefer to create a more cozy and private area in their home.

By placing your accent chair in a quiet corner, you can create a comfortable and private environment to de-stress. What a great place to curl up with a book and a hot cup of tea!


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