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How to Choose The Right Colour for Your Armchair to Fits Your Home!

Neutral or Accent

This is completely up to the owner’s taste. There is no right or wrong when choosing the “feel” that you want added to your house. If you desire a stand out piece in your living room, choosing a bright coloured armchair in the midst of a neutral themed room is not a bad idea!

However, if you prefer a more homogenous environment where everything perfectly fits together, choose a neutral coloured armchair that goes with anything. If you are choosing a chair to go with a completely decorated room, choosing a neutral one to “go with the flow” will give you a harmonious feel.

In a completely bare room,  an accent chair, however will tie things up and spice up your colour palette. No right or wrong here, just completely up to your preference.

Light or Dark

Light coloured chairs seems to be the more popular choice because lighter chairs appears to be bigger, brightens up the room and seem more inviting. However there are still challenges regarding this type of armchairs, obvious ones.

Lighter colours are more vulnerable to wear and stain and this is a big no-no in families with younger children and pets. If you love lighter coloured armchairs, go for an easy-to clean material.

Darker colours on the other hand seem to blend into most homes that have dark wooden floors or carpet. Rooms somehow look smaller when darker chairs meet dark floors. You may choose chairs with silver or metallic coloured support and frame to give them a sophisticated look.

To match or not to match your sofa

You may feel that you need to choose an armchair that matches your sofa. However there is really no need to completely match your sofa colour, instead, choose a colour that complements it will give a better effect.

If you desire a uniform colour palette in your room that give you a calming effect, choose the colour of the same effect. For example, for a beige colour sofa, choose a light pastel colour to go with the sofa, like a baby blue armchair for instance.

If you want a different type of energy in your living room, go for a more vibrant colour that completely contradicts the colour of your sofa. For example, a bright fiery red armchair next to a neutral brown sofa absolutely commands attention and gives your room a different type of energy.

Bear in mind that fabric plays an important role too! A high-quality glossy finish will give a more sophisticated look whereas a polyester or canvas look will give your home a more cozy feel.

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