Accent armchair design style

Accent Armchair Design Style

Accent armchairs are chairs that bring more than just function, they also add points to the decor of your home. Accent chairs may not be frequently used but that doesn’t mean that they are unimportant. These chairs enhance the feel and ambience of the room and may even turn a mundane environment into an exciting one.

Different types of accent armchair designs are as follows:

Barrel armchair

This chair is a simple one often described having semicircular back forming a single upholstered piece with wings or arms. Sometimes it is known as a tub chair due to the shape. This type of design is loved by many as it is not too flamboyant and still looks sophisticated.

Club armchair

This design is also quite commonly seen. Chairs with this design have straight sides and straight back. Due to the straight outlines, chairs with this design give a clean, crisp and professional look.

Wing back armchair

As the name suggests, chairs with this design come with “wings” on their backs. This tall “wing” backrest design gives the chair a more elegant and sometimes majestic outlook. Depending on the type of colour and fabric, wingback chairs can look elegant, edgy, majestic of even mysterious.

Fan back armchair

True to its name, chairs with this design have a “fan” like back rest. The back rest is wider at the top and converge towards the seat. Chairs with tall fan back design is also quite commonly seen in dining rooms. Fan back design in armchair can also look sophisticated and cosy depending on type of fabric material.

Slipper chair

Slipper chair design refers to armless upholstered chair that has short legs so that it sits closer to the ground. These chairs also have straight outlines and most people play around with material and pattern of fabric to spruce up the look of these chairs.

Mid-century modern armchair

Old is the new fresh these days, especially with this chair design of mid-century modern genre. Sophisticated, bold, elegant and inviting are some of the words that can be used to describe mid-century modern chairs.

Shellback armchair

Chairs with this design have a “shell-like” design as the back rest. The “shell-like” design imparts a more feminine type of beauty to the chair. But don’t think of chairs with this design as “girly” chairs because with the right type of colour and material, these chairs can also look edgy and cool.

Slip armrest armchair

These chairs simply have armrests that may not be continuous with the seat or slightly raised. This design are for those who emphasise more on a particular positioning of the arms.

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